About World Drum Major Associating Inc.

World Drum Major Association, Inc. (WDMA) exists to educate, promote, and preserve the Drum Major activity. WDMA aims to accomplish this by providing resources through publications, clinics, seminars, and competitive venues to help advance the sport and art.

World Drum Major Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.


WDMA provides an annual Drum Major Camp in partnership with San Diego State University Bands, DrumMajorCamp.com, for students looking to further their skills in their craft of spinning for competitive parades, solo competitions, field conducting and leadership.

DrumMajorCamp.com is a culmination of some of the world’s best and most accomplished instructors, adjudicators, and clinicians, with specific curricula to various associations’ competitive criteria.


WDMA is host to the world’s largest independent competition circuits for Scholastic Drum Majors. Drum Majors may compete in different levels and in various styles such as Military Baton, Mace, and Field Conducting and in categories Novice Class (A), Open Class (AA), and World Class (AAA).


In order to stimulate and perpetuate the sport and art of Drum Majoring, WDMA annually awards merit-based scholarships and grants to students looking to further their education and skills in Drum Majoring. These scholarships come in the form of monetary value as well as tuition costs and expenses for clinics, seminars, and events worldwide.