Three Days of Training, Hard Work, and Fun!

DRUMMAJORCAMP.COM is the serious alternative for drum majors looking to further their skills in their craft of spinning for competitive parades, solo competitions, field conducting and leadership.

DRUMMAJORCAMP.COM is a culmination of some of the world’s best and most accomplished instructors, adjudicators, and clinicians, with specific curricula to various associations’ competitive criteria, such as the (SCSBOA) Southern California School Band Orchestra Association, (NCBA) Northern California Band Association, and (WDMA) World Drum Major Association, Inc.

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Conducting Instruction

Participants will receive conducting training from DRUMMAJORCAMP.COM’s C0-Director, Professor Shannon Kitelinger, Director of Bands at San Diego State University.

The conducting curriculum is a fresh, modern approach to marching band. Kitelinger’s background includes years of first-hand experience as a conductor, drill designer, and marching instructor at the high school and collegiate level. He has studied conducting with Eugene Migliaro Corporon and Jack Stamp, as well drill design and marching pedagogy with Charles Casavant.

Unlike any other camp, students bring their instruments and experience playing in ensemble settings under peer conducting and training with Professor Kitelinger. Students have an opportunity to learn under real circumstances how to get the best performances from their bands!

Mace & Baton Instruction

Participants will receive training from DRUMMAJORCAMP.COM’s Co-Director, three-time World Champion and two-time United States Champion, Drum Major Jason Paguio.

Drum Major Paguio will be joined by an all-star staff of instructors who are adjudicators for the (SCSBOA) Southern California Band Orchestra Association, (NCBA) Northern California Band Association, (WDMA) World Drum Major Association, Inc., and 1st place winners of such prestigious events as the Arcadia Festival of Bands, Mt. Carmel Tournament of Bands, Chino Invitational Band Review, and have appeared on the Tournament of Roses Parade.

Leadership Training

The core impression of every great drum major comes from their leadership ability. Participants will learn basic to advanced concepts in leadership skills within their organization that is duplicatable for student leaders and band members. Drum majors will learn how to manage time, provide customized solutions, effectively communicate to their peers and provide wisdom for their group. Participants will receive leadership training from Drum Major, Educator, and Business Owner, Joshua Riturban.  Joshua holds a Masters in Education and is completing a dissertation for Doctorate Research in Educational Leadership.

Marching Pedagogy

Participants will learn marching pedagogy techniques from the staff to become more effective student leaders when they return to their respective marching programs. Pedagogy techniques are implemented that can easily be adapted to whatever style of marching is taught at the participant’s home school (traditional, corps, etc.).

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Brought to you by SDSU & WDMA

World Drum Major Association, Inc. (WDMA) is a non-profit organization with worldwide presence dedicated to the education, promotion, and advancement of the drum major activity. WDMA hosts the nation’s most competitive scholastic drum major circuit for conducting, baton, and mace, consistently setting new standards for the activity and continues to creatively drive forward the evolution of the art and sport of drum majoring.

WDMA is host to the United States Drum Major Championships, the Canadian Invitational Drum Major Championships, and provides educational leadership camps ( and local, regional, and national educational seminars, as well as internationally in Asia, Africa, and Europe. WDMA is partnered with the world’s largest marching arts and media organizations, such as Drum Corps International, Halftime Magazine, and

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