To the Drum Major and Musical Arts Communities:

As we celebrate our 5th season in being the world’s leading organization for drum major leadership, education, competition, and giving, we’re making monumental changes that will help further the cause to create greater leaders and more opportunities for future generations.

The members of the newly installed Board of Directors are not only among the most successful and influential drum majors that have brought us to where we are today, but also people who have taken skills and experiences they have acquired as drum majors to become successful leaders in their respective industries and in their own personal lives. They’re here to give back by providing World Drum Major Association (WDMA) the resources, partnerships, and insight to help student leaders take this activity and their ability to lead to the next level.


Our summer educational program, started just two years ago, DRUMMAJORCAMP.COM, in partnership with San Diego State University Bands, has expanded to two camps this year. We’re adding a third camp in Los Angeles and a fourth camp in Northern California for 2014, in an effort to provide more students accessibility to the finest flourishing, conducting, and leadership coaches.

We’ve launched the Distinguished Leaders Program, which provides ongoing personal mentorship, personal leadership action plans, weekly interactive live group conference calls, and course completion certification with letters of recommendation for exceptional leaders. The Distinguished Leaders Program is currently available to drum majors, but will be open to Band Leadership and beyond in the near future.

We’re now working with music education associations and music advocacy organizations to keep our programs and information relevant to the musical and marching arts. Most recently, we’ve partnered with the Southern California School Band Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) to provide instructors and resources in an official capacity to help drum majors successfully lead their bands during the parade competition season.


As our Scholastic Competition Circuit  has grown to become the largest of its kind in the nation, we’ve established an Adjudication Committee, comprised of the best judges, drum majors, and musicians this activity has to offer. This newly formed committee has been tasked in bringing transparency and accountability to the judging and evaluation process, providing students with the best and most fair experience possible. Simultaneously, we’re establishing the Drum Major Instructor Advisory Committee and Forum as well as the Band Director Advisory Committee. These committees will help keep information and development flowing between the organization, adjudicators, instructors, and music educators.

In helping students have a more prepared and successful season, we’ve established the first-ever WDMA Preview Show, which allows students to receive evaluation, feedback, and additional one-on-one critiques in a low pressure environment with our adjudicators.


Our annual scholarships, awarded to deserving graduates looking to further their leadership skills beyond high school, has expanded to include tuition for selected students for our Distinguished Leaders Program and DRUMMAJORCAMP.COM.

For the first time, we’re offering a College Internship Program for college students wanting work experience while helping give back to the activity. This program offers individualized positions based on the student’s career goals, in addition to networking opportunities. For exceptional interns, we’re able to offer letters of recommendation for graduate schools, their employers, or their prospective employers.

We’re partnering with more companies to bring you as many resources as possible, and we’ve brought the only two companies in recent decades that have manufactured and sold drum major equipment in the United States, Peacocks Marching World and Regimental Mace Company, to support the drum majoring activity together.


We’re creating partnerships with highland games associations, committees, and pipe band associations, which has helped to expand the drum major activity across North America. In addition to  supporting and establishing drum major contests throughout California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona, we’ve added a drum major contest to Washington at the 67th Annual Seattle Highland Games, the largest event in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve helped establish the first-ever Canadian Invitational Drum Major Championships in Victoria, British Columbia, to celebrate their 150th anniversary, which includes drum majors from Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the United States. We’re also very proud to announce that WDMA is the official partner and host of the United States Drum Major Championships, sanctioned by the Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations, in partnership with the Caledonian Club of San Francisco’s 148th Scottish Highland Gathering and Games.

Beyond North America, we’ve provided drum major instruction to nearly a dozen scholastic and independent marching band programs in Japan, through a collaborative effort between Dynasty Japan, Regimental Mace CompanyInternational Marching Institute, and World Drum Major Association. Through these partnerships, we’re establishing an exchange of instructors to Japan and students to America, to allow Japanese students to attend our educational programs and further the drum major activity in their country.


As we’ve begun our journey involving more people, music advocacy organizations, music education institutions, and adding strategic partners in a time of economic discomfort and challenging times for the musical arts, we can attest that the drum majoring activity and the role of drum majors as leaders in their music programs, their schools, and as members of their communities, continues to grow and be as significant and relevant as ever.

I’m very proud to say that this is your World Drum Major Association,

Jason Paguio, President & Founder
World Drum Major Association, Inc.