Experience our unique services that provide the fundamental education elements of leadership:

Leadership Workshops

In addition to our recognition as a credible serious alternative camp provider for skills in achieving drum major excellence, WDMA places top priority in leadership education for students that are willing to learn more about the fundamentals of success. WDMA conducts uniquely-tailored workshops that embody in-depth foundational leadership education for all student-leadership candidates and positions. The workshop will provide courses tailored to meet the needs of students with various backgrounds and experience levels.

Great for Leaders AND Candidates of:

  • Drum Majors
  • Auxiliary/Color Guard
  • Marching Band
  • Performing Arts
  • Associated Student Body Council

Duration: 4-6 hours

For more information on how to host a workshop on your campus, email any of our leadership advisors today!

Leadership Coaching

Personal Coaching: Students discuss goals and questions with their personal leadership coach. Students will build a plan based on their goals. All coaches are experts in leadership education and demonstrate leadership capabilities in their current and past life-experiences. Coaches will guide students on the path to leadership success.

Availability: During coaching, questions might occur during the week. Weekly mentorship and ongoing conversations are encouraged. Each coach will respond to students’ emails promptly. Your coach is here for you.

Leave a Legacy: Complete a life-changing term with your personal coach to reach your goals, maximize your potential, and expand your knowledge in methods and strategies to achieve your goals. Leave a legacy by becoming a positive role model for others to follow.

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